Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Acne Scar.

This Is What The Scar On My Left Cheek Along My Jaw Looks Like & It's Been This Way For Almost A Month. I've Been Treating It With Bio-Oil, Weekly Exfoliation, Mint Julep Mask, & The Usual, Ponds Clarant B3 Moisturizer.

How This Happened..

About A Month Ago I Had A Small Itchy Blemish & I Decided To Pack Concealer On It, Then As The Day Went On It Started To Itch So I Scratched So Hard I Cut It Off With My Nails. It Then Bled & Dried Into A Scab. Then To Make Matters Worse I Peeled It Off Too Soon, Ugh. It Looked Rough & Flaky So I Thought It Might Be Ready. So Now I Have This Super Light Scar That Is Taking It's Sweet Time To Go Back To Normal. I'm Really Hoping This Will Eventually Completely Fade.

Xoxo, Gloria

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