Saturday, October 29, 2011

Up, Up & Away.

I'm Up Earlier Than Usual Only To Go Out To Cypress To Shop With An Old Friend Before Work. It's Halloween Weekend & I Have No Idea What I'ma Do. I'll Probably End Up Doing Nothing Since It's Cold & I Work Tomorrow. Anyways, My Guy Has Me Seriously Thinking Of Going Back To School, College That Is.

Xoxo, Gloria

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Missed Opportunity.

I Had A Job Interview This Month To Be A Beauty Adviser For Lancome Skincare & Cosmetics. I Was Super Excited About It All Because This Could Open So Many Doors & Possibly Expand My Knowledge On Make-Up & Skincare. Ultimately I Wanted To Get As Much Experience To Be Able To Work For MAC In The Future & Not Feel Like A Newbie. Too Bad I Wasn't Hired.

Xoxo, Gloria

Our Song.

There Is No Doubt That Love Came When I Least Expected It. Although We Moved Pretty Fast In The Relationship, I Feel The Most Comfortable When I'm With Him. I Think It Is The Way He Patiently Explains Everything To Me & His Honesty. I'm Glad He Came Into My Life.

Xoxo, Gloria